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Mobile Applications

Hire great experts in iPhone, iPad,
Android, Nokia, Blackberry or
Windows Phone apps.

Fernando Alava MorenoRaoni MadeiraPaulo Tiago MagalhãesJubenilton SantosDi GonçalvesFábio De Paula SilvaIsrael BarbosaFagner EgidioEdson Mendes De OliveiraDominic Phillips
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Web Development

Hire professional Web developers,
experts in E-commerce, Social networks,
Web apps or QA & Testing.

Alexandru PaladeCarlos FigueroaHeorhi LazarevichAdriana SantosLeopoldo RodriquezIsrael DantasJorge DionizioPedro MonteiroAlmir PedrottiBrenda Whitfield
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Graphic Design

Find amazing Graphic designers experts
in anything, from Branding & Logos
to CAD or Video production.

Chin-Wei LiaoMayel De BorniolYu-Chia HoSanna RaitamoHideki TanakaVikas AgarwalGean AndradeTim ShutlerAndrea PlešaIsrael Dantas
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Software Development

Hire kickass programmers experts in
Win, Mac or Unix apps, Games,
Security or QA & Testing.

Christo PeevErik UngerChinmaya Kumar PatanaikRaoni MadeiraSamuel MacielAnas KhalidCarlos Eduardo Pimentel FernandesNirlan FundãoKatya LewisDominic Phillips
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  • Work

Networking & Databases

Find the best hackers, experienced in
Server and Database administration,
Networking & Security, and more.

Pedro PérezAndy WalkerPaulo Tiago MagalhãesRoosevelt SardinhaDiana RocaAlexander KatterfeldtIsrael DantasIsrael BarbosaCleyton CarvalhoHenrique Faria
  • Hire
  • Work

Marketing & Sales

Hire outstanding people specialised in
SEO, SEM, Internet marketing,
Advertising and more.

Elodie BouneauOliver BradleyTeemu VainioGuillermo Saavedra Von DessauerOrfeuo LionorAldre Giuliane FerreiraDragomir TomchevAlmir PedrottiSvetlana DetininaCris Carabeo
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Writing & Journalism

Connect with a wide array of Writers,
Journalists, Translators, Researchers
and everything in between.

Aaron NgAdam KnowlesSanna RaitamoPaul MortonJuliana CastellarPaulo Tiago MagalhãesSamuel PetteeFrank BoerDamir FirstHelivar Sias
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  • Work

Administrative Support

Find someone ideal to help you get
more stuff done everyday.

Daniel MorrisChin-Wei LiaoOliver BradleyMayel De BorniolJavier ReyesJuliana CastellarGleisson EvangelistaCarlos Eduardo Pimentel FernandesAldre Giuliane FerreiraDi Gonçalves

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