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Dan Hopwood

London, United Kingdom. GMT+00:00

Freelancer specialised in Software Development & Mobile / Tablet Apps

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Dan Hopwood's Summary

• Entrepreneurial, result driven product management executive and UX obsessive with 7 years engineering experience.
• Expert mobile/web industry and technology domain knowledge.
• Speaks the language of all departments, from development through marketing, sales and the executive team, ensuring clear messaging and reasoning across the company.
• Extensive experience with product life cycles from concept, opportunity identification and business case through strategy, roadmap definition & execution, positioning, messaging and launch.
• An ability to guide product discussions towards a pre-defined outcome, resulting in teams feeling em- powered and a sense of ownership (vs for example development teams simply being told what they need to build).
• Brings focus and morale to any team – large or small – maximising its effectiveness and output.
• Well adversed to high pressured environments, able to maintain rationality, team focus and make quick, critical decisions.
• Versatile manager with an effective balance of opinion consideration, empathy, humility and – where necessary – emphatic resolution.

• Objective C (iOS dev), HTML5, CSS3, Javascript/JQuery, PHP, C, C++, Java.
• Java: Android API, J2SE, Java EE, JSP, JSF, Javascript, EJB3.0, JPA (Hibernate), DROOLS.
• C/C++: Windows API, Boost, Detours, Ogre.
• Python, Drupal, BPEL, Prolog, Haskell, Occam, Matlab, Assembly and LATEX.
• Application servers: AWS, Rackspace, Oracle.
• Platforms: Parse, Meteor.

Product, Product Management, Software engineering, Startups, iPhone development, Web Development

Dan Hopwood's Experience

  • Founder at Drivn
    April 2013 - Present
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Dan Hopwood's Education

  • Master of Engineering (MEng) Computer Science at University of Bristol
    September 2005 - September 2009
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