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Dragomir Tomchev

Varna, Bulgaria. GMT+02:00

Freelancer specialised in Marketing & Sales

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Dragomir Tomchev's Summary

Mind dancing to the heartbeat of business! Fascinated by business models and systems thinking, I also care to face the hard, "here and now" decisions of an enterprise. My specialties comprise business models, pricing, auxiliary currencies, process improvement, vicious cycle analysis, recruiting, remuneration package design, marketing strategy development.

How do we break out of a vicious cycles in business and turn it all inside out into a virtuous cycle? Who do we appoint as our "client is king" today - the investor, the customer, the employee? Shall we innovate towards cutting costs or innovate towards adding value today? Problems like these keep me invigorated for work.

I have the patience and focus for long-term pursuits. I don't chase fads. I like to keep the big picture of things clear from complexity. I am well versed in visualisation techniques for that purpose and I always seek the perspective of a frustrated, yet inventive customer.

Dragomir Tomchev's Experience

  • Online Marketing Consultant at Freelance
    January 2013 - Present
    Project management, marketing strategy development, user interface design, marketing research for a number of contract projects in the areas of online insurance and real estate.
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Dragomir Tomchev's Education

  • B. political science at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski
    September 2004 - September 2008
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