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Eduardo Bautista

Colima, Mexico. GMT-06:00

Freelancer specialised in Software Development & Web Development

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Eduardo Bautista's Summary

I started learning how to program at the age of 16. I was interested in learning what was necessary to make a website. I did not expect to fall in love with it and choose it as a career. All my knowledge up to joining Crowd Interactive in April of 2013 was gained through reading and putting that information into practice.

Eduardo Bautista's Experience

  • Freelance Software Developer at Freelancer
    February 2015 - Present
    I work primarily with Ruby on Rails. I can also do some front-end work. If you want discuss a project, send a request to connect with a message saying that you want to discuss a project.
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Eduardo Bautista's Education

Eduardo Bautista hasn't added any of his degrees.