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Francescu Santoni

Paris, France. GMT+00:00

Freelancer specialised in Mobile / Tablet Apps

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Francescu Santoni's Summary

Since I was a child I always been fond of internet. While other kids were surfing on the web, I prefered create websites. HTML on Geocities first, then PHP and MySQL before high school.

I went to University and I passed a Master specialized in Information Systems. Meanwhile I was involved, as a developer, in two projects : xFruits and Kliosk.

After that, I co-founded the DuoApps company in early 2009 to develop mobile apps (iOS first then Android and Windows PHone) in the CampusPlex, a wonderful ecosystem for startups in Ajaccio.

In the late 2010, I founded EastPad, a Indie Studio with an innovative iPad video game project that didn't manage to be a success.

To be continued.

Spécialisations : mobile development, apps conception, video game creation

Francescu Santoni's Experience

  • iOS Dev at Stupeflix
    November 2013 - Present
    Working on Replay, an amazing iOS app that let you create wonderful movies within minutes. The app is based on a smart director engine which make best choices from the movie based on many informations such as the picture colors, the beats of the music, the style you choose.

    Featured BEST APP by Apple in 118 countries.

    More informations :
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Francescu Santoni's Education

  • Master Intégration des Systèmes d'Information User Interfaces, Algorithmic, Oriented-Object Program at Université de Corse Pascal Paoli
    September 2004 - September 2009