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Dominic Phillips • Freelancer from Germany

Skilled in Web Development, Software Development, Mobile / Tablet Apps
  • Full stack, self taught software engineer from Munich, Germany. Passionate about the web in general, I specialise in creating highly scalable web apps & API's (Go, Python, Java), rock solid front end (Coffee, Javascript, Angular) and beautiful..

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Adrian Lambeck • Freelancer from Germany

Skilled in Software Development, Networking & Databases
  • As a student I worked as a freelance system administrator for a Windows NT and 2000 network with some small programming tasks. I got into Perl programming as well as Linux for rapid prototyping for an IT consulting company. After school I moved on..

Vanessa Faber • Freelancer from Germany

Skilled in Administrative Support
  • I am a VAT agent specialising in EU tax. I have worked for many years in companies doing business in the EU. I advice my clients how to set up advantageous tax schemes to significantly reduce their VAT burden in EU countries, reducing their costs w..

Lena Eichmann • Freelancer from Germany

Skilled in Writing & Journalism
  • I am a bilingual professional (German and English). I studied mathematics, but I have also gained a lot of experience with translation work. Maybe you have some mathematical text for me to translate? :)

Maximilian Roth • Freelancer from Germany

Skilled in Marketing & Sales
  • I am a Google AdWords and Google Analytics expert. I will be able to assist you with anything from searching for optimal keywords to creating and monitoring your AdWords campaigns, as well as setting up goals and monitoring their performance with G..

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