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Javier Provecho Fernández • Freelancer from Spain

Skilled in Web Development, Networking & Databases, Marketing & Sales
  • CEO at DARTEK Studios. Enthusiast of computer science.

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Vaibhav Puri • Freelancer from Spain

Skilled in Web Development, Software Development, Marketing & Sales
  • An entrepreneur and full-stack web developer with a focus on technologies such as Ruby on Rails, NFC, Rubymotion, Bluetooth 4.0 and Phone gap. Have conceptualised, developed and marketed e-commerce stores with 1000+ customers in the 1st year itsel..

Fernando Alava Moreno • Freelancer from Spain

Skilled in Mobile / Tablet Apps, Web Development
  • 15 años de experiencia trabajando en Internet como analista y responsable técnico en varias empresas del sector. Actualmente en mi propia empresa PixyBit, desarrollando aplicaciones móviles y webs más inteligentes y adap..

Carmen Benitez • Freelancer from Spain

Skilled in Graphic Design & Multimedia
  • I create beautiful photos! I'm a professional freelance photographer. I photograph everything from portraits, babies and animals to weddings, parties and nature - what ever you need, I can deliver :)

Javier Reyes • Freelancer from Spain

Skilled in Writing & Journalism, Administrative Support
  • I am here to find work as a translator. I work in Spanish and English and have almost 20 years of experience.

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