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Juliana Castellar • Freelancer from Brazil

Skilled in Administrative Support, Marketing & Sales, Writing & Journalism

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Livia Clarete • Freelancer from Brazil

Skilled in Administrative Support, Marketing & Sales
  • Social scientist with 8 years of experience in market research, data collection, data analysis, and report writing. Experience with both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, specifically surveys and statistical analysis using SPSS and R.

Guillermo Saavedra Von Dessauer • Freelancer from Chile

Skilled in Writing & Journalism, Marketing & Sales
  • Profesional bilingüe especializado en comunicaciones estratégicas y de marca, con experiencia en el desarrollo de nuevos negocios. Mi objetivo es conectar a las organizaciones con sus grupos de interés y lograr beneficios medib..

Alonso Garay • Freelancer from Peru

Skilled in Web Development, Marketing & Sales

Orfeuo Lionor • Freelancer from United Kingdom

Skilled in Marketing & Sales
  • Experienced analytical freelance Startup Consultant with a track record in meeting and exceeding expectations. I am an efficient communicator who acquired transferrable skills in fast-paced, multi-cultural environments and those demanding strong co..

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