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Glen De Cauwsemaecker

Leamington Spa, United Kingdom. GMT+00:00

Freelancer specialised in Software Development

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Glen De Cauwsemaecker's Summary

Main Language: C++11
Global view of Computer Architecture and Assembly.
Big interest in Game Engine Architecture.

"Not years of experience, but one hundred percent motivation and passion."

Expierience with DirectX10, DirectX11, OpenGL4 and Shader Programming

C#, Java, Javascript, C, .NET, Unrealscript, Lua, Python

Database Management

Web Development
Action Script 3.0

3D: Modelling, baking and texturing

Expierience with:
Unreal Development Kit, Torque3D, CryEngine 3. Unity3D, 3DSmax, Adobe Creative Package, Blender3D, ...

Glen De Cauwsemaecker's Experience

  • Junior Programmer at Fishing Cactus
    January 2014 - Present
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Glen De Cauwsemaecker's Education

  • Bachelor's degree Digital Arts and Entertainment Major Game Development at Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen - Vlaamse Autonome Hogeschool
    September 2011 - September 2014
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