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Iyad Maswadi

Bath, United Kingdom. GMT+00:00

Freelancer specialised in Marketing & Sales & Web Development

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Iyad Maswadi's Summary

Iyad hasn't added a summary.

Iyad Maswadi's Experience

  • Co Founder at IXMAS Trading Co.
    July 2014 - Present
    Currently co-developing a new business model in the global trade industry. Our new startup is based on a network of professionals located in the world's main import/export markets.

    We aim to build a flexible supply chain network that facilitates global markets penetration to SME's.

    Additional services:
    In-depth targeted market sector knowledge
    Competition and Risk analysis
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Iyad Maswadi's Education

  • MSc Innovation and Technology Management Maangement at University of Bath
    September 2013 - September 2014
    A joint degree split equally between The School of Management and the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

    Covering – Management of Innovation, Decision analysis, Managing product development, TRIZ-based innovation, Engineering and project management, Commercialisation of new technology, Innovation in networks, Technology strategy and organisation, International networks for production, services & logistics.

    •Undertake live assignments on Innovative design and Manufacturing Research Centre (IdMRC) related topics with IdMRC sponsor organizations
    •Gain knowledge of international competence in complex networks
    •Implement a number of advanced design techniques and methodologies including rigorous decision analysis.
    •Apply theoretical knowledge in practice by solving “real-life” problems and undertaking live assignments with University of Bath sponsor organizations
    •Key management skills enabling to take the lead on strategic decisions on innovation and technology management
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