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Kresimir Jurak

Zagreb, Croatia. GMT+01:00

Freelancer specialised in Marketing & Sales

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Kresimir Jurak's Summary

As any other World citizen my objective is to change, develop the world around me and open minds of others.

Kresimir Jurak's Experience

  • director at Confucius institute at the University of Zagreb
    November 2010 - Present
    As the director of the Confucius institute at the University of Zagreb I have been in charge of all the processes from the preparation phase, establishment phase and day-to-day operations since the establishment of the Institute.

    My work included budget preparation, budget execution, final accounting, project creation, project coordination, project execution, teaching plans development, development of teaching materials, strategic development planing, short term (3 year in advance) project planing, administration, developing relations with government, local government, public and private institutions both in Croatia, Europe and China, coordination of Chinese and Croatian staff (14+), Human resources, Marketing, Public relations, teaching and lecturing, holding presentations, interior design, public procurement, contract negotiations, Cross-Cultural Negotiation, event organizing,
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Kresimir Jurak's Education

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) History at University of Zagreb/Sveuciliste u Zagrebu
    September 2007 - Present
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