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Matko Radić

Zagreb, Croatia. GMT+01:00

Freelancer specialised in Networking & Databases

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Matko Radić's Summary

Matko hasn't added a summary.

Matko Radić's Experience

  • Fundraising Database Coordinator at UNICEF
    May 2013 - Present
    ▪ Design of various reports from the Donor Perfect Database; managing data entry, updates, coding, imports, exports, segmentations, and preparing mailing and e-mail lists;
    ▪ Analysis of received data, providing feedback on positive and negative trends, forecasts and all other variances of concern to fundraisers;
    ▪ Preparation of training programms for other Donor Perfect users on data entry, changes to data, and using reports which are designed specifically for their area of concern;
    ▪ Assistance in fulfilling the processes, development and implementation of Pledge Communication Cycle activities and Survival-Based Retention Measurement Module (SBRM)
    ▪ Assistance in planning, logistics, and administrative arrangements for direct mail activities, pledge programme and donor relations tasks;
    ▪ Designing and updating gift processes and reconciling monthly figures (from bank statements, bank reports, productivity sheets);
    ▪ Development of a fundraising microsite and weekly maintenance of its content;
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Matko Radić's Education

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Informatics at Sveuèilište u Rijeci
    September 2013 - September 2016
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