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Stefan Schaudt

Regensburg, Germany. GMT+01:00

Employer hiring in Mobile / Tablet Apps & Graphic Design & Multimedia

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Stefan Schaudt's Summary

Experienced and dedicated leader with a broad expertise in all areas of retail management. Enthusiastic business administration expert. A computer science analyst and usability designer with over 28 years of programming experience.

Stefan Schaudt's Experience

  • Founder & Chairman at RapaZapp interactive studios
    September 2011 - Present
    RapaZapp is an international digital entertainment company, that offers leading outsourcing services and technology development solutions for games, mobile devices and social network platform applications. We offer a broad number of outsourcing services for today’s interactive media and retail industries, including highly experienced programmers, a wide sprectrum of graphics, art, UI and animation content, advanced audio solutions as well as traditional sound design and music score production.
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Stefan Schaudt's Education

  • A+ certification at CompTIA
    September 2000 - September 2000
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