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Vaibhav Puri

Barcelona, Spain. GMT+00:00

Freelancer specialised in Web Development & Software Development

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Vaibhav Puri's Summary

An entrepreneur and full-stack web developer with a focus on technologies such as Ruby on Rails, NFC, Rubymotion, Bluetooth 4.0 and Phone gap.

Have conceptualised, developed and marketed e-commerce stores with 1000+ customers in the 1st year itself. First hand experience with eCommerce supply chain and logistics.

Architected and developed several web & mobile solutions. Many of these solutions have been build using the lean methodology allowing for flexibility and cost reduction in the development process.

Driven to build products with a strong emphasis on UX and design both for web and mobile.

Vaibhav Puri's Experience

  • Founder & Tech Lead at Taggito
    November 2011 - Present
    Founder & CEO at taggito, a NFC focussed mobile start-up.

    We architect and develop NFC platforms such as attendance systems, tag management and couponing platforms that assist retailers & advertisers in improving their operational efficiency, customer retention and sales conversion.

    taggito also has its own online NFC store for the sale of NFC tags, labels and other NFC related products.
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Vaibhav Puri's Education

  • Masters Business Administration at University of Oxford - Said Business School
    September 2006 - September 2007
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